Chatbot Studies: WSJ for Facebook Messenger

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Yay! We just published a new study. This time, we analyzed Wall Street Journal for Facebook Messenger. In this presentation, you will find a detailed overview about design choices the WSJ bot team made. We particularly looked at onboarding and personality.

Wall Street Journal Messenger Bot

The WSJ was one of the first news publishers to launch a chatbot for Facebook Messenger. The makers also shared an interesting piece on how they designed the bot on You can access the bot here: WSJ Facebook Bot.


Overall, it’s a great experience that offers convenient onboarding and interesting features for the readers. However, some functionalities could be improved by using features like quick replies. The chatbot is pretty neutral, and although the WSJ team tries to make it personal by appearing to be a “we,” the bot mostly lacks emotions and humanity.

See the full Chatbot Study here:

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In this series, we take a closer look at different examples of chatbots to understand how great conversational design works. For analyses of user onboarding processes in apps, we highly recommend Teardowns, which inspired us for this bots edition.